NLP Informatives

Criticism of NLP
(Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Over the years NLP has received its share of criticism. As an NLP Trainer and NLP Coach, I have shared my perspectives on the criticism.


Emotional State Management with NLP Technique

Emotion is an energy in motion and emotions are the drivers of the action. Hence, emotional management is the key to handling every situation we experience in life.

Learn an NLP technique taught in NLP Practitioner courses.


Selecting best NLP course in India and/or best NLP Trainer in India?

Since Neuro Linguistic Programming falls under public domain it can be a task to selecting the best NLP trainer in India who is best suited for you to facilitate your NLP training journey.

Hence I have mentioned what are the International NLP Certification course standards set by co-creator of NLP - Dr. John Grinder in this article that you can consider before enrolling for an NLP course.


What is not NLP?

When I became an NLP Trainer certified by John Grinder, he shared with us (NLP Trainers), John Grinder had shared that many NLP course contents usually taught in NLP courses are not really to be taught in NLP courses.

This includes topics such as NLP Pressupositions and Strategies taught in NLP Practitioner courses.


Neuro Linguistic Programming:
Past to Present

Become aware of how the fascinating world of Neuro Linguistic Programming was developed.


NLP Training Methodology

NLP Training Methodology followed by Abhay Thhakkar is based on the criteria set by Dr. John Grinder. Hence Abhay's NLP Courses are experiential, practical and involves real world applications of NLP.


NLP for Parenting

Gain some insights into solutions for challenges faced by parents.

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