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Criticism of NLP
(Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Over the years NLP has received its share of criticism. As an NLP Trainer and NLP Coach, I have shared my perspectives on the criticism.


Emotional State Management with NLP Technique

Emotion is an energy in motion and emotions are the drivers of the action. Hence, emotional management is the key to handling every situation we experience in life.

Learn an NLP technique taught in NLP Practitioner courses.


Selecting best NLP course in India and/or best NLP Trainer in India?

Since Neuro Linguistic Programming falls under public domain it can be a task to selecting the best NLP trainer in India who is best suited for you to facilitate your NLP training journey.

Hence I have mentioned what are the International NLP Certification course standards set by co-creator of NLP - Dr. John Grinder in this article that you can consider before enrolling for an NLP course.


What is not NLP?

When I became an NLP Trainer certified by John Grinder, he shared with us (NLP Trainers), John Grinder had shared that many NLP course contents usually taught in NLP courses are not really to be taught in NLP courses.

This includes topics such as NLP Pressupositions and Strategies taught in NLP Practitioner courses.


Neuro Linguistic Programming:
Past to Present

Become aware of how the fascinating world of Neuro Linguistic Programming was developed.


NLP Training Methodology

NLP Training Methodology followed by Abhay Thhakkar is based on the criteria set by Dr. John Grinder. Hence Abhay's NLP Courses are experiential, practical and involves real world applications of NLP.


NLP for Parenting

Gain some insights into solutions for challenges faced by parents.


NLP course application for Leadership

Neuro Linguistic Programming course contents are found to be applicable for leadership in every field of human endeavour. Hence, there are many NLP trainings for corporates.
To know few applications of NLP for leaders, you can read the article.


Growth Ladder for Leadership

The Growth Ladder is an NLP tool for leaders in every type of organisation including corporate organisations. It is based on the research done by Frank Pucelik while he was coaching leaders of several multi-national organisations.


NLP course benefits for Doctors

There are several benefits a medical doctor can gain from attending the Transformative NLP course such as rapport building, mindfulness with words and enabling patients to reduce their fear, anxiety and other emotions.


NLP Course benefits for Athletes - Sports

The application of Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP for sports has been well known across the globe. There are several techniques that you can learn in the Transformative NLP course that enable athletes to achieve a 'High-Performance State' which is vital for their performances in the competitive world of sports.


NLP Presuppositions - Beliefs by successful people

NLP Presuppositions are beliefs that successful people operate out of.
NLP Presuppositions is a topic usually taught in NLP Practitioner courses in India and overseas.
However, it loses its merit when "preached" in the NLP course. Hence, participants must experience the NLP Presuppositions to learn them automatically at the subconscious level.
However, I have stated the 14 NLP Presuppositions in this article.


8 major beleifs of successful people

There are 8 major beliefs that successful people live their lives through that yields them the success that they gain.
What are they?
You can 'explore' now


HNLP - Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology - Presupposition

Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology (HNLP) was developed by John Overdurf and Julie Silverthorn.
There are several HNLP Presuppositions.
To know them, you can 'explore'.


Learning from NLP Trainers

Since 2008 I have learnt NLP from more than 10 NLP Trainers including NLP co-creators - Dr. John Grinder and Frank Pucelik as well as NLP Trainers from India.
I have shared my experience on this page.


Transformative NLP Course in Mumbai

Find details of the Transformative NLP course in Mumbai which includes the Internationally Certified New Code NLP training.


Transformative NLP Training - Level 1

Experience Transformative NLP training which includes the New Code NLP Training.
This NLP course involves extensive learning and intensive healing experience.
If you wish to get more information, you can explore the page.


Transformative NLP- Hypnosis Training - Level 2

Learn, apply and utilise influential language patterns. Learn hypnotherapy. Heal and enhance several aspects of life.
Do you wish to know more? Explore now.


Online NLP workshops

Attending a 3-hour online NLP workshops are a way for you to gain a glimpse of NLP and Hypnosis. Further, you will gain many learnings that will enhance various aspects of life including relationships, health and professional life.


Searching for best NLP course in Mumbai?

What are the criteria you can look for, while selecting the best NLP course in Mumbai to enroll in.

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