NLP Coaching
(Online NLP Course)
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Neuro Linguistic Programming Courses are for individuals looking to transform their personal and professional lives.
The practical NLP techniques and tools will enable you to achieve much more professionally and live a more fulfilling personal life.

By applying the NLP techniques and tools, we can heal and enhance relationships, release unpleasant emotions, enhance positive emotions, and gain skills to apply for professional growth.

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•  Who will benefit from the NLP Coaching Course?

•  NLP Coaching - Level 1 - Course Contents

•  NLP Coaching - Level 2 - Course Contents

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Who will benefit from-
Online NLP Course of
NLP Coaching

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My NLP Course enables individuals from all backgrounds to reach their full potential - whether they are striving for success in business or peak performance on the stage, or wishing to heal personal relationships.

From CEOs and college principals to doctors, psychologists, and athletes, professionals from every background have experienced immense benefits from my NLP courses.

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NLP Coaching: Level 1
(Online NLP Course Contents)

• Understanding Personality Types

• Mindfulness with Words

• Creating Hypnotic scripts for meditation, sales, and more.

• NLP technique for healing anxiety

• NLP technique for releasing emotions from painful memories

• NLP technique for changing self-talk

• Learn modifying memories

• Reduce being judgmental.

• Learn to give effective feedback/criticism.

• Learn transforming beliefs through words.

• Secrets of Influential Communication

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NLP Coaching: Level 2
(Online NLP Course Contents)

• Learn how to develop a more success mindset.

• Gain clarity in outcomes in personal pursuits and professional life.

• Learn to deal with internal conflicts.

• Learn about negotiations.

• Learn to deal with all kinds of addictions.

• Learn NLP techniques for modifying behaviours.

• Learn NLP techniques for enhancing calmness, confidence, peace, and happiness.

• Learn cross-hemispheric brain activities for enhancing focus and creating states for higher performances.

• Learn NLP techniques for applying on children, even with children with learning disabilities.

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