Internationally Certified New Code NLP and NLP Trainer

I'm Abhay Thhakkar - founder & trainer of Transformative NLP International.

I'm India's first NLP Trainer to facilitate:
Internationally certified NLP as well New Code NLP training courses that are certified by co-creator of NLP-John Grinder as well as co-developers of New Code NLP- Carmen Bostic and Michael Carroll.

I have facilitated New Code NLP and NLP Trainings in India, Spain and Italy. I facilitate NLP trainings in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore on a regular basis.

New Code NLP and NLP workshops

I have facilitated New Code NLP & NLP workshops for:

· Corporates such as Varmora, FedEx and Scholastic India.
· Pediatric dentists at DY Patil College.
· Students at VJTI College, Thakur College.
· Staff at SNDT college.
· NGOs such as Khulla Asmaan and Touching Lives.
· Mumbai Police.

Beyond the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming Courses

Everything I do is an extension of my core strength and passion - Teaching and Creativity.

NLP has contributed immensely in enabling me to become mindful of words. Hence, besides my personal life, when I facilitate the NLP courses, I have become more effective in my communication. Additional to mindfulness with words, certain NLP techniques and tools have enriched my skills as an NLP Trainer and corporate trainer.

Further, learning NLP and New Code NLP has enabled me to recognise and operate out of my strength - creativity.

Why my New Code NLP and NLP Trainings are unique?

I express my creativity in several ways, such as:
· Building websites that you are on right now
· Designing posters for my New Code NLP and NLP courses.
· Certificate of the NLP workshops.
· Music (I played as a Guitarist in amateur bands about 10 years back)

Similarly, I design and facilitate NLP and New Code NLP Trainings in a unique, practical way.
I involve unique and fun activities which enable the participants to learn more profoundly.

Creativity in
New Code NLP & NLP Coaching

New Code NLP and NLP Coaching often involve integrating different New Code NLP and NLP techniques, tools and methods. Hence for effective coaching, creativity is essential.

To enable my participants to also integrate New Code NLP and NLP Techniques, I share with them the intention behind every step of every NLP tool, technique and method. Therefore, participants have a deeper understanding of New Code NLP and NLP.

Further, this approach enables participants to integrate it with other healing-based modalities and skills they had learnt and mastered.


I am a student of life and hence my passion is to constantly learn.
I believe:
"Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere."

Since 2008, I have been learning and practicing Neuro Linguistic Programming.
Further, I have learned several healing modalities for over 14 years, which has given me a deeper understanding of New Code NLP and NLP.

Some of them include:
· Hypnotherapy
· Past Life Regression (1 year course), Transpersonal Regression
· Graphology
· Chakra Healing

Learning NLP

Extensive learning of NLP also enables me to give various examples of applications with different modalities when practitioners of other modalities attend.

Since my passion is to learn, I have attended many NLP courses since 2008 besides learning several healing modalities. I have learnt NLP from more than 10 NLP Trainers from India and abroad.

Hence, this also enables me to enhance every New Code NLP and NLP course I facilitate.

Watch Videos to gain benefits and see my facilitation style.

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