Meenakshi Walawalkar -
Clinical Psycholgist


Consultant for Transformative NLP Training International

Meenakshi Walawalkar is a psychology consultant for Transformative NLP Training International.

She is a Clinical Psychologist with over 12 years’ experience of working with Esteemed Educational Institutes, Corporates & Hospitals.

Meenakshi Walawalkar is a senior psychologist at Podar International School in Mumbai and practices at Fortis Hospital as a clinical psychologist.

She also has private practice across Mumbai and she takes online sessions as well.

Background as Clinical Psychologist

She is a New Code NLP and NLP Practitioner, Pranic Psychotherapist, REBT Practitioner, and also has certification in Diagnosis & Remediation for Learning Disability, ADHD & Autism.

She has extensive experience of working with behavioural issues of children with New Code NLP techniques and tools.

She is working for the mission of utilizing her expertise & experience in the field of Applied Psychology & Psychotherapy to enable individuals and organizations to achieve their desired goals & outcomes as well as to create a sense of joy, fulfilment and contentment.

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