“Between stimulus and response, there is space.
In that space is our power to choose the response.
In our response lies growth and freedom.”

Do you wish to experience it?
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Some glimpses of:

NLP Course in Mumbai, India

Participant hugging another participant after NLP coaching session during NLP course in Mumbai
participant experience bliss during NLP coaching at Abhay Thakkar's NLP course in Mumbai
Participant accessing subconscious mind during Abhay's NLP training in Mumbai
Participant in analytic mode during Abhay's NLP course in Mumbai
Participant experiencing calmness during Abhay's NLP course in India
Participant happy after nlp coaching during Abhay's NLP training course in Mumbai
Participants of Abhay Thakkar's Neuro Linguistic Programming Course getting emotional at the end of NLP course
Participant thinking of solution during NLP training in India

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Customised nlp trainings

Corporate NLP Trainings

Customised corporate trainings, as well as NLP Trainings for educational institutes and NGO's are also facilitated by NLP Trainer and NLP Coach: Abhay Thhakkar.

Some of the institutions where the sessions have been held in the past include:
Corporate Trainings: FedEx and Varmora in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
Educational Institutions: D Y Patil College - Pediatric Dental Department and Thakur College in Mumbai.
Medical Institutions: Sunshine Wellness Centre and Dr. Goel Hospital in Mumbai.
NGOs: Khulla Asman and Touching Lives in Mumbai.

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