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“New Code NLP is the Ferrari of NLP” – John Grinder (co-creator of NLP)

The New Code NLP course will enable you to:

• Access powerful emotional states such as meditative states by playing Games for about 12 minutes.

• Enhance emotional states such as calmness and confidence.

• Release negative thoughts and emotions.

• Heal relationships and memories.

• Enhance work productivity and relationships.

Upcoming New Code NLP course in Mumbai:

Date: 13th to 18th August

Timings: 9am - 6:30pm

About New Code NLP:

New Code NLP empowers you to eliminate old limiting programming (behaviours and limiting beliefs) and install new neurological pathways. Thereby it enables you to experience a much more enriching life which you deserve.

The New Code NLP techniques and tools automatically enhance your emotional state, behaviour, physiology and performance in any situation you desire a change. Hence, New Code NLP enables you to create choices in your life…even when and where you thought there were none.

Why most NLP Trainers donot teach New Code NLP?

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming falls under public domain. Hence anyone can teach NLP legally even without even attending any NLP Certification Course by the co-creators of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

However, New Code NLP is the intellectual rights of John Grinder (co-creator of NLP). Hence only those who have been personally trained by John Grinder as an NLP Trainer and New Code NLP Trainer, can facilitate New Code NLP course.

About NLP Trainer and New Code NLP Trainer:

Abhay Thhakkar is first New Code NLP Trainer from India to facilitate New Code NLP Trainings certified by the co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP - Dr. John Grinder and co-developers of New Code NLP - Michael Carroll and Carmen Bostic.

He is a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner since 2008. He has learnt NLP from more than 10 NLP Trainers across the globe including Dr. John Grinder, Frank Pucelik and Christina Hall.

Best NLP Master Practitioner from Mumbai, India - Abhay Thhakkar , with Namaskar gesture

About the New Code NLP Certification:

Abhay's New Code NLP courses are internationally certified. In fact, your certificate will carry the signature of John Grinder (co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP). Therefore, you can practice as a New Code NLP Practitioner with people across the globe.

Abhay's training skills: NLP training in Madrid, Spain:

(2 minute video)

Become Internationally Certified New Code NLP Practitioner

Page Overview

•  Some issues which you can heal during my New Code NLP Training

•  Certain emotions you can enhance during New Code NLP Training.

•  Certain issues and outcomes that people have, which you can help them with through the New Code NLP techniques, tools which you will learn.

•  10 key New Code NLP Course contents.

•   6 aspects of my New Code NLP Training which you will experience.

•   Who will benefit from learning New Code NLP?

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Benefits of New Code NLP Training:

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Some of the issues you can overcome with my New Code NLP Training include:

- Traumas, unpleasant memories. Some include being abused, bullied and cheated.
- Relationship problems with partners, in-laws, children, friends, colleagues at work.
- Inability to be assertive (unable to say “no”)
- Unable to maintain a boundary.
- Fears and Phobias.
- Anxiety.
- Uncontrollable Anger/Rage.
- Addictions- Habits.


Some of the aspects you can enhance with my New Code NLP Training include:

- Confidence and Self-Belief
- Concentration
- Focus
- Calmness
- Peacefulness
- Relaxation
- Meditative States
- Happiness 

Participants hugging after an intensive NLP coaching healing session during Abhay's NLP course in Mumbai
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Applications of New Code NLP tools and techniques:

Besides the aspects shared above, the New Code NLP tools, and techniques that you learn during my New Code NLP course will enable you to deal with people with the following challenges:

- Repetitive negative thoughts.
- Resentment.
- Depression.
- Lack of focus and concentration.
- Dealing with children’s behaviours.
- Challenges in children such as ADHD, Learning Disabilities. 

Further, after attending New Code NLP course, you can also work with professional performers such as athletes, dance performers, and actors who wish to enhance their performances. Since a key feature of New Code NLP are activities that enable people to achieve a ‘High-Performance State’ and a ‘Flow State’. A ‘High-Performance State’ and ‘Flow State’ are critical aspects for professional performers that enable them to unleash magic during their performances.

A participant experiencing breakthrough with Transformative NLP course in Mumbai facilitated by Abhay
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New Code NLP Course Contents:

The 10 key highlights of
New Code NLP tools and techniques:

From experiencing profound personal and professional growth to making life more manageable daily, the following 10 key highlights explain why my participants and I love New Code NLP course:

1 – A fun-based approach to Healing/Coaching. You can heal and enhance any aspect of your life, even by playing Games!
The Games - New Code NLP Games are designed to activate both hemispheres of the brain and the unconscious mind. Once activated - the thoughts and emotions are rewired automatically.

2 – Accessing Unconscious Mind: You will learn various ways of connecting to the unconscious mind, including even through playing Games for approximately even 12 minutes.

3 – Involvement of the entire physiology/body for healing/coaching. In addition, we also utilise the power of the unconscious mind. Hence, it is a mind and body approach. 

a person in a meditative state while standing during Abhay's New Code NLP course in India
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4- Content free healing. The New Code NLP techniques and tools can be applied even if a person doesn’t share what issues a person has. In fact, during my New Code NLP workshops, participants experience transformations in their lives even without sharing what the problems are. 

5 – Aligning and Achieving Goals. You will learn New Code NLP techniques/tools to gain clarity about your goals. Subsequently, you will learn to align with them and achieve them more easily.  

6 – Case Taking – Case Taking is an integral part of NLP Coaching. You will learn simple ways through which you can do case taking. 

7 – Accessing resources. You have all the resources within.
Learn various New Code NLP techniques/tools to access states such as happiness, joy, confidence, calmness, peacefulness and relaxation. You will be empowered to experience such emotions in unpleasant situations as well. Hence, you will not be affected by those situations anymore.
Additionally, the New Code NLP techniques/tools can also be used to access resources for achieving goals in life as well.

Further, during my New Code NLP Training course, you will learn and experience accessing these states even by playing Games.

a lady crying during Abhay's NLP certificate course in Mumbai.
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8 – Behavioural Changes. Learn New Code NLP techniques/tools that will enable you to generate alternate behaviours in situations where you desire a change.

“Insanity is when you keep doing the same things and expect a different result” - Einstein.  

9 – The vast application. The fun-based and content-free approach makes New Code NLP techniques and tools benefit people from every walk of life, regardless of personal and professional background.
This includes children as young as 6 years old, children with learning disabilities, to adults beyond 60 years. Also, professionals from the corporate world inclined towards rational thinking can benefit from the New Code NLP course. Hence, New Code NLP courses are well received when I facilitate them as a corporate trainer.

10 – Receive International New Code NLP Practioner Certification. It is an Internationally Certified New Code NLP Training.
The certificate you will receive carries the signature of the co-creator of NLP and co-developers of New Code NLP. Hence, your International New Code NLP Practitioner certificate is valuable not just in India but also globally.

Among other aspects, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd points are lacking in NLP, which is what makes New Code NLP different from NLP.
Also, most NLP Training Institutes/ NLP Trainers from India do not offer the New Code NLP International Certification mentioned in point 10. Since they are not personally certified by Dr. John Grinder to facilitate New Code NLP Practitioner Training. New Code NLP is the exclusive intellectual rights of John Grinder and hence are not legally permitted to facilitate New Code NLP courses.

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New Code NLP workshop design:

I have designed the New Code NLP Training in sync with my intentions. Hence, you can expect to gain the following 6 aspects during my New Code NLP Training:

1 - Deep Healing Experience.

2 - Practical and Experiential Learning.

3 - In-depth learning.

4 - Customised applications for participants from every professional and personal background.

5 – Receive International Certification.

6 - Post Course Mentoring.

Additionally, I follow the NLP Training format as taught by Dr. Grinder and other Trainers Training that I have learnt from several trainings. Hence, importantly my NLP courses are effective for facilitating transformations in people's lives and enabling them to learn the tools and techniques easily.

a participant laughing during Abhay's NLP Practitioner course in Mumbai
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Who benefits from my New Code NLP Course?

I have facilitated many batches of New Code NLP courses in India which includes New Code NP courses in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other cities. During my New Code NLP courses, participants from several cities and towns across India have attended. Even participants from Dubai, Singapore and US have attended my New Code NLP course in Mumbai.

The professional backgrounds of participants who have benefited include Psychologists, Entrepreneurs, CEO, COO, HR Consultants, Sales and Marketing Executives, Students, Teachers, Principals, Yoga Teachers, Life Coaches, NLP Coaches, NLP Practitioners, NLP Trainers, Corporate Trainers, Professional Dancers, Sports Coaches, Athletes.

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