NLP Course in Mumbai

Experience a profound shift across all aspects of your life
with our comprehensive
Internationally Certified
10 days New Code NLP - NLP Course in Mumbai

A participant experiencing breakthrough with Transformative NLP course in Mumbai facilitated by Abhay
Participant experiencing a deep healing experience during Abhay's NLP Course in Mumbai

About Transformative New Code NLP - NLP Course in Mumbai

This Transformative NLP course in Mumbai is an extensive and intensive learning and healing experience that spans over 10 days.

It is designed for you to experience a deep transformation in your life.

Further, to equip you with a range of techniques that will enable you to apply in your personal and professional life.



Learn language of influence and mindfulness with words.

Meditative states

Access meditative states with playing Games

Professional Life

Gain life skills that can be applied to professional life.



Hurtful memories, traumas and abuses -including physical and sexual abuse.


Release emotions such as anxiety, fear, phobias, grief.


Overcome limiting behaviors such as procrastination and addictions


Learning New Code NLP course in Mumbai:

This 10 days NLP course in Mumbai also includes the exclusive New Code NLP certification course.

New Code NLP was developed by Dr. Grinder (co-founder of NLP) to rectify the flaws in NLP.

NLP involves more of conscious mind for selecting the desired outcomes and solutions to solve the challenge.
However, you may be aware that the subconscious mind is more powerful. Isn't it?

Hence, with New Code NLP, we allow the power of subconscious mind to become activated and thereby automatically enabling us to overcome the challenge we have.

Interestingly, we do so, with simply playing Games as well.

Hence, this course elevates beyond the usual NLP Practitioner course in Mumbai and other NLP courses in India as well.

Abhay Thhakkar embracing a participant in his NLP Training
A participant experiencing resourceful state during Abhay's Transformative NLP course in India.

Become internationally Certified New Code NLP- NLP Practitioner in Mumbai

You will also receive the exclusive International NLP certification of New Code NLP- NLP Practitioner in Mumbai, certified by co-founder of NLP - Dr. John Grinder and co-developers of New Code NLP.

Abhay's NLP Course in Italy
International NLP Certificate in India signed by John Grinder

Who benefits from this NLP Training in Mumbai?

This unique NLP Training in Mumbai has immense benefits for individuals and groups across all professions.
Some include:
- HR
- Entrepreneur
- Psychologists
- Medical Doctors
- Lawyers
- Athletes
- Actors
- Professional performers

group pic in NLP course in Mumbai
A participant experience deep transformation within in Abhay's NLP course in Mumbai
Best NLP Trainer of India - Abhay Thhakkar, facilitating during a Neuro Linguistic Programming Course in Mumbai.
Abhay facilitating NLP corporate training in Mumbai

Abhay's NLP Training method

Abhay Thhakkar is the founder and trainer of Transformative NLP.
He follows the NLP training methodology as taught to him personally by Dr. Grinder (NLP co-creator).
Additionally, since 2008 he has been learning several healing-based modalities.

Hence, his NLP courses are known to be:
- Practical
- Experiential
- Application based (so each participant gets a take away)
- Concepts are simplified
- Enjoyable

Transformative Neuro Linguistic Course in Mumbai Details:

The first 8 days are offline at Transformative NLP Training International, Mumbai.
Timings: 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM
(Inclusive of homemade breakfast and lunch)

The final two days are facilitated online.
Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

Thereby culminating in a total course duration of 93 hours (excluding breaks).

Shruti Mishra experiencing deep trance state in Abhay Thhakkar's NLP course in Mumbai
Particpants during the NLP course in Mumbai, facilitated by Abhay

Abhay Thhakkar -NLP Trainer & New Code NLP Trainer

Abhay Thhakkar is the first Internationally Certified NLP Trainer from India, directly and personally certified by the co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP co-developers to facilitate both - Internationally Certified New Code NLP and NLP Trainings in India.

Abhay Thhakar is the founder and NLP Trainer of Transformative NLP Training, Mumbai.

He has spent over 6 months in Spain and 2 months in Portugal to learn NLP from co-creators of NLP - Dr. Grinder and Frank Pucelik and co-developer of NLP - Christina Hall.

NLP co-developer and NLP Trainer - Christina Hall with India's best NLP Trainer - Abhay Thhakkar (NLP Practitioner from Mumbai)
Abhay Thhakar - Best NLP Practitioner in India, with the co-creator of NLP - Frank Pucelik
15 +

Years of Experience

5300 +

Hours of Training Experience

35 +

Cities participants from


Learning & Practicing NLP since 2008


Abhay Thhakkar as New Code NLP - NLP Trainer

Abhay is also an intuitive healer and applies his intuition while combining it with his extensive knowledge and experience of NLP, New Code NLP, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Inner Child Healing and Chakra Healing.

He also facilitates 1-1 healing sessions for individuals who are going through challenges in life and also wish to achieve more in professional life.

Abhay Thhakkar - best NLP Trainer from India, being felicitated by Mumbai Police after an NLP Training session.
Best NLP Master Practitioner from Mumbai, India - Abhay Thhakkar , with Namaskar gesture

Corporate Trainings

He also facilitates customised NLP Trainings for corporates, educational institutes, performers and NGO's.

Some of his corporate clients include FedEx and Varmora and educational institutes include D.Y. Patil College and Lovely Professional University.

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