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New Code NLP- NLP Course in Mumbai, India

Glimpses of NLP course in Mumbai facilitated by the best NLP Trainer from India - Abhay U Thakkar


What our Participants Say

"Gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the soulful experience that changed my life and my perspective of life"

a lady standing and looking straight, with determination, during Neuro Linguistic Programming training in Mumbai.
Mrunali Kolekar

"I stopped takin medicine for BP as my BP is normal, cervical spondylitis disappeared, headache is under control, memory has improved, confident level has increased, stress has reduced, asthma is in control"

a participant standing in 3rd position of perceptual position during Neuro Linguistic Programming course in India
Seema Mangoankar

"You will learn really intense and impactful techniques without even realising. No pomp and show, instead pure and deep learning."

a lady with eyes closed and fingers on the chin, thinking during NLP certification training in Mumbai
Banita Sharma

"For me it was a really a life transforming course"

a lady smiling during NLP training course in Mumbai
Sheetal Patil

"Can't thank Abhay enough for the experience. I feel such a powerful divine spiritual connection with something beyond me. Also, so much congruence and ease with myself. Also feeling something deep within the earth is holding me firmly. Very divine and powerful feeling."

a lady with eyes closed, experiencing deep meditative state during Transformative NLP training in Mumbai.
Janice Chandran

"A transformative journey in the real sense and a very engrossing training with lots and lots of learnings."

a lady smiling and looking during Abhay's NLP workshop in India
Niraja Jhala

"It has never been an easy task for me to forgive myself for anything and everything happening around me that was not so good. And now, I was able to do it easily for something that happened with. It is such a wonderful feeling to feel free of the obligations."

a participant with eyes closed and with emotional tears during breakthrough NLP session in Mumbai
Hema Mittal

"It has been an incredible experience for me. Abhay has helped in emptying myself and to only fill with the positives"

a lady smiling and enjoying Abhay's NLP course in India
Mansha Mirapuri

"It was a life-changing experience.
This course also helped me to heal from my childhood trauma which I might have carried for a lifetime.
Apart from that, I have observed positive changes in my behavioral and emotional health. I got rid of my negative emotions like resentment, hurt, and frustration and became a calmer person."

a lady with eyes closed and meditating during Internationally certified NLP course in India
Jaspreet Kaur

Reviews of Abhay's
New Code NLP- NLP Courses

Transformative NLP International (TNLPI) Logo


Deeper Connection

Experience deeper connection within

Meditative states

Access deeper meditative states with playing Games.

Professional leap

Gain practical techniques for accelarating professional growth


Relationships & Memories

Heal relationships.
Heal hurtful memories.


Release toxic emotions like frustrations, anxieties, fears,  and anger that hold you back.


Stop negative thoughts.

What's more?

Heal & Enhance with Games

Experience transformations by playing Games.

Heal without sharing

Participants have healed traumas without even sharing them during Transformative NLP Courses

Internationally Certified

Become Internationally Certified New Code NLP - NLP Practitioner.

A participant experiencing breakthrough with Transformative NLP course in Mumbai facilitated by Abhay
two participants who are NLP Practitioners from India are embracing with happiness during the internationally certified NLP Course in Mumbai

About Transformative NLP Training:

Transformative NLP Training involves learning and applying Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP and New Code NLP course contents in an incredible and powerful way for creating deep transformations in personal and professional life.

Experiencing Transformative New Code NLP - NLP courses, will also -

1 - Equip you with skills and techniques to achieve the outcomes you truly desire in your life effortlessly and with more ease and in shorter time duration.

2 - Expand your awareness about self and others.

3 - Deal with daily life challenges with more ease.

a lady crying during Abhay's NLP certificate course in Mumbai.
A participant experience deep transformation within in Abhay's NLP course in Mumbai

Who benefits from Transformative NLP Training?

From professionals working in corporates and educational institutes to doctors, psychologists, Yoga teachers, corporate trainers, athletes, actors and dancers, professionals from every background have already experienced immense benefits during Abhay's New Code NLP/ NLP courses in Mumbai and other cities.

Become internationally Certified New Code NLP / NLP Practitioner

Receive International New Code NLP/ NLP Certification, certified by co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming - Dr. John Grinder and co-developers of New Code NLP - Bostic St Clair and Carroll.

Thereby, enabling you to gain authentic international credentials for facilitating transformations of lives across the globe.

A group picture of participants after Abhay NLP Training in Italy
Best NLP Trainer from India - Abhay Thhakkar with John Grinder and group during NLP Trainers Training

NLP Trainer & New Code NLP Trainer

Abhay Thhakkar is an NLP Trainer - Classic Code NLP Trainer and New Code NLP Trainer, as well as the founder of Transformative NLP International (T-NLP-I).

In fact, he is the first NLP Trainer from India to facilitate both- Internationally Certified New Code NLP Training as well as Classic Code NLP Trainings in India that are certified by the co-creator of Classic Code NLP and New Code NLP - Dr. John Grinder as well as co-developers of New Code NLP- Carmen Bostic and Michael Caroll.

Abhay Thhakkar - best NLP Trainer from India, being felicitated by Mumbai Police after an NLP Training session.
Best NLP Master Practitioner from Mumbai, India - Abhay Thhakkar , with Namaskar gesture

Practicing NLP since 2008


Years of experience

5000 +

Hours of Traning Experience

30 +

Participants from 30+ citites trained

Transformative New Code NLP - NLP Courses

Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP & New Code NLP

How did NLP develop?
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NLP began as a process of decoding communication and other methods that most effective therapists were applying unconsciously, which brought about transformations in the lives of people. As a result, many NLP techniques and tools were developed for bringing about transformations in lives of people.
You can find more information about it on the page: History of NLP.

What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)?
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NLP is a methodology for understanding communication, behavioural and other patterns in human interactions.
Thereby applying the understandings and techniques for enabling us in:
- Creating more understanding.
- Achieving the purpose of our communication.
- Eliminating our limited programming (behaviour, habits) based on past experiences.
- Experiencing more positive emotional states.
- Living a more enriching life.

The best way to know what is NLP, is to experience the Transformative New Code NLP - NLP Course in Mumbai and other cities.
You can also experience a 3-hour NLP workshop to get a brief experience of it.

What is New Code NLP?
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"New Code NLP is the Ferrari of NLP" - John Grinder (co-creator of NLP).
John Grinder developed New Code NLP to rectify certain limitations he felt are in NLP.

In New Code NLP, there are several activities, such as New Code NLP Games that involve cross-hemispheric brain activation and enable a person to access the subconscious mind. As a result, a person achieves a high-performance state, allowing them to deal with situations in a much more empowered way.

What is the difference between NLP and New Code NLP?
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There are several differences between NLP and New Code NLP.

With NLP, we use the conscious mind to select behaviours that help us manage challenging moments.
However, with New Code NLP, our powerful subconscious takes charge of selecting and activating the behaviour and emotion to deal with challenging moments. Thereby giving us access to an even deeper level of transformation.

To uncover further behind this fantastic methodology and its comparison with methods of NLP usually taught in Transformative NLP Practitioner courses in Mumbai and other cities in India and overseas, explore What is New Code?


Abhay Thhakkar as New Code NLP - NLP Trainer

Abhay Thhakkar believes in constantly upgrading his skills and abilities as facilitator and NLP Coach since 2008.
Hence he has learnt Neuro Linguistic Programming from more than 10 NLP Trainers.
This includes co-creators of NLP and co-developers of New Code NLP and NLP, including Dr. John Grinder, Frank Pucelik and Christina Hall.

Further his extensive knowledge of other healing-based modalities such as Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy, enables him to gain a deeper understanding of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Additionally, being intuitive, he utilises his intuition in guiding his clients and participants to achieve their outcomes much more easily and quickly.

NLP co-developer and NLP Trainer - Christina Hall with India's best NLP Trainer - Abhay Thhakkar (NLP Practitioner from Mumbai)
Abhay Thhakar - Best NLP Practitioner in India, with the co-creator of NLP - Frank Pucelik
Best NLP Trainer of India - Abhay Thhakkar, facilitating during a Neuro Linguistic Programming Course in Mumbai.
NLP Corporate training in Mumbai facilitated by NLP Trainer: Abhay Thakkar

Abhay's NLP Training method

Abhay's Transformative New Code NLP - NLP Courses are known to be:

1 - Practical
2 - Experiential
3 - Applicable for every profession
4- Concepts are simplified
5 -An enjoyable learning experience

You can find further information on his NLP training method on the page: NLP Training methodology

A glimpse of NLP Training session

Below is a video which can give an idea about the importance of attending the Transformative NLP Courses.
Also, it can give you an idea of Abhay Thhakkar's facilitation skills.
The NLP Training session was in Madrid, Spain.

Educational institutes & Corporate NLP Trainings

Customised Transformative NLP Training courses are facilitated also for corporates, educational institutes, performers (athletes, dancers and actors) and NGOs.

Below are some of the clients ranging from corporate organisations to educational institutes, where Abhay Thhakkar has facilitated customised Transformative New Code NLP - NLP Trainings.
These NLP Trainings in Mumbai and other cities are are particularly designed as per the needs and growth of the organisation.

Some glimpses Of

New Code NLP- NLP Courses in India and overseas

NLP Course in Mumbai

NLP Course in Madrid

NLP Course in Mumbai

Hypnotherapy-NLP Course in Mumbai

NLP Course in Delhi

NLP Course in Mumbai

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The most valuable investment you can make is on your wellbeing and health

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Transformative New Code NLP - NLP Courses

Are they accredited Internationally Certificated New Code NLP and NLP courses?
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Yes. In fact, your certificate carries the signature of the co-creator of NLP and co-developers of New Code NLP.

There are certified by John Grinder's The International Trainers and Coaching Academy of NLP ICTA/ITA.

Importantly, there are evaluations to ensure you earn the international NLP certification rather than merely receiving the accreditation based only on attending the New Code NLP/NLP training in Mumbai and other cities in India and overseas.

I understand that there are several NLP Training institutes in India offering Neuro Linguistic Programming Courses in India. Hence, it's important to know the authenticity of the NLP Certification being offered.

Should you attend an NLP Course or New Code NLP course?
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As John Grinder (co-creator of NLP) says, “New Code NLP is the Ferrari of NLP.”

Hence many NLP techniques taught in NLP courses – NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner, become redundant by learning New Code NLP.
This includes some of the NLP techniques of Anchoring and Sub Modalities usually taught in NLP Practitioner course and NLP Master Practitioner course.

To know the differences between NLP and New Code NLP, visit what is the difference between NLP and New Code NLP?

Is it important to become NLP Practitioner/NLP Master Practitioner before becoming New Code NLP Practitioner?
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Is it important to learn to use Blackberry and the other cellphones of early 2010 so that you can use the current cellphones?

New Code NLP is the advanced version of NLP developed by co-creator of NLP – Dr. John Grinder.
His intention was to rectify the limitations and flaws of NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming, he had co-created.

At the same time, just as certain basics of cellphones, such as just knowing how to operate a keypad, is good enough to utilise any current cellphone. Similarly, a 2-days NLP course – NLP Coaching -Life Skills, is adequate for a person to be equipped to learn and apply New Code NLP techniques and tools effectively.

Why most NLP trainers in India do not teach New Code NLP courses?
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NLP falls under the public domain.
Hence, anyone can legally teach and even call themselves even the best NLP Trainer/NLP Master Trainer/ NLP Master Practitioner/ NLP Coach/ NLP Practitioner in India even by reading an NLP book or attending 5 or 10 days NLP course in India and not attending any NLP Trainers Training course.

In fact, many NLP Trainers have not attended any NLP Trainers Training and are not certified directly by the co-creators of NLP as NLP Trainers.

However, New Code NLP is the intellectual property rights of Dr. John Grinder.
Hence, only those NLP Trainers trained and personally certified by him can legally facilitate New Code NLP courses.

 Journey as an NLP Trainer and NLP Coach

It’s all in the mind? Really?
Can we use our mind to overcome emotional issues and painful memories of my past?

After the retirement age, when we look back at our lives, can we say to ourselves - Yes! Life was fulfilling, fun and easy. (I don’t choose to believe life is meant to be difficult.)

I was seeking the answers to these questions and finding ways to overcome issues in my life so that I live a better life. I was also seeking a fulfilling career after having changed my career twice.

15 years later, I can proudly say – Yes! I have gotten over the emotional issues of my past many years back and now I live a fulfilling career by helping people to overcome emotional issues and other issues/challenges they face in their personal and professional life.

Best NLP Master Practitioner from Mumbai, India - Abhay Thhakkar , with Namaskar gesture

NLP Trainings and NLP Coaching:

My name is Abhay Thhakkar. I'm the founder and trainer of Transformative NLP Training International. In the past 12 years, I have assisted people to overcome personal and professional issues like anxiety, fear, grief, and relationship problems.
Besides that, I have worked with Bollywood artists, professional athletes, and dancers to improve their performances.

I also facilitate New Code NLP and NLP courses for educational institutions, corporates, institutes involved in performing arts – acting, dancing, sports and also individual seekers.

Abhay U Thakkar - Best NLP trainer from India, facilitating NLP course in Delhi, in a school.

Neuro Linguistic Programming –
A Tool for Transformation:  

How do I do facilitate transformative in lives?

You might have heard, “It’s all in the Mind”. Isn’t it? Hence my work involves assisting people in utilising the power of their minds to overcome issues and helping them to lead a better and more fulfilling life that they deserve.

In fact, many psychologists and people who have a desire to help others and make a living from leading this fulfilling career have attended my Internationally Certified New Code NLP and NLP Trainings.

Abhay Thakkar facilitating NLP Training session at NLP conference

Internationally Certified NLP and New Code NLP Trainings

I’m an Internationally Certified NLP and New Code NLP Trainer.
I'm India's first trainer to facilitate:
Internationally certified NLP as well New Code NLP training courses that are certified by co-creator of NLP - John Grinder as well as co-developers of New Code NLP - Carmen Bostic and Michael Carroll.

I have been learning New Code NLP and NLP for over 10 years. I have also learnt NLP from Frank Pucelik (co-creator of NLP), Christina Hall (co-developer of NLP) and more than 10 other NLP Trainers from India and abroad.

I believe that learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere.

Below are pictures with:
Christina Hall (co-developer of NLP)
John Grinder (co-creator of NLP)
Frank Pucelik (co-creator of NLP)

NLP co-developer and NLP Trainer - Christina Hall with India's best NLP Trainer - Abhay Thhakkar (NLP Practitioner from Mumbai)
Abhay Thakkar with John Grinder and other NLP Trainers

Philosophy as an NLP Trainer

For more than 14 years of learning and NLP Trainings, I have gained many profound learnings as an NLP Trainer. One of my learnings as an NLP Trainer, that I gained from Christina Hall which I gained during her NLP Courses in Barcelona, Spain, was:

“Interact with your participants in ways that presuppose they(participants) inherently have all the resources to accomplish. And you as an NLP Trainer, guide, facilitate and support them in achieving what is meaningful for them.” – Christina Hall (co-developer of NLP).

Hence, my facilitation style during my NLP Courses in Mumbai and other cities and Online NLP Courses is based on above such learnings.

Abhay Thakkar , NLP Corporate Trainer, facilitating NLP Corporate Training in Mumbai, India

NLP Certification Courses in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore & other cities

I facilitate New Code NLP and NLP Courses in Mumbai at my training centre - Transformative NLP Training International.
Besides facilitating NLP Trainings in Mumbai, I also facilitate New Code NLP and NLP Trainings in Delhi, Bangalore and other cities in India. I have also facilitated NLP courses in Spain and Italy.

You can find more information on the upcoming New Code NLP and NLP Trainings on:

For more information, you can also visit:
What is NLP?
What is New Code NLP and how is it different from NLP?
The New Code NLP and NLP Certificate you will receive.

Through the New Code NLP and NLP Training courses I facilitate, I also intend the participants to become more aware that -
Life doesn’t happen to them but Life happens for them.

For more information about me, visit:
Internationally Certified New Code NLP and NLP Trainer - Abhay U Thakkar

Connect with me personally
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About NLP Courses
(Neuro Linguistic Programming Courses)

I facilitate transformation in people's lives through simple, fun and effective: methods and techniques.
The most popular Transformative NLP Training course is the 10 days intensive healing and coaching based training - NLP Coaching -Life Skills (2 days) and New Code NLP Training (8 days).
During the training, you can choose to heal and enhance any aspect of your personal and professional life. The aspects can range from relationship problems to increasing your business. It also includes addressing habits, behaviours, enhancing peace, confidence, focus and happiness.
Further, I also teach how to do so, so one can empower self, family members, friends and anyone who wishes for.

Thereafter you can also opt for Transformative NLP Training - Level 2, in which we focus on language patterns and also healing relationships with Hypnotherapy.

10 of the aspects of
10 days Transformative NLP Training:

Deep Healing

Intensive and Extensive Healing. Heal & enhance any aspect of your life.

Healing through Games

Heal by playing fun based New Code NLP Games & other techniques/tools.

Brain Activation

Activate & Balance both hemispheres of the Brain.

Accessing Unconscious Mind

Access the Power & Wisdom of the Unconscious Mind.

Access 'High Performance' & 'Flow State'

Enhance powerful positive emotional states like energetic, focus, calmness.

Heal without sharing issues

Heal relationships, unpleasant memories without sharing the situation.

Mindfulness with Words

Enhance relationships through mindfulness of communication.

Influential Communication

Communicate much more effectively with family and in professional life.

Benefits all Professionals

Learn applications of NLP taught for every profession. Hence, enhance your professional life much more.

Internationally Certification

Become an Internationally Certified Practitioner. Assist anyone to heal and enhance their life.

For information on the NLP course contents of the 10 days of NLP Trainings, visit:
NLP Core Skills (2 days)
New Code NLP Training (8 days)

Abhay Thakkar's NLP course in Mumbai at DY Patil College, Mumbai
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Online NLP Trainings

Although the best NLP course recommended will be the 10 days (85 hours training time) - NLP Core Skills & New Code NLP, I also facilitate online NLP trainings.

Hence, you also have the choice of learn NLP at the comforts of your home with the online NLP course.

Although some of the contents of the online NLP course is different from the offline NLP courses.
You can find the online NLP Course Contents on: NLP (Online Course)

Even though the contents are different, you will still gain ample of benefits in the online NLP training as well.

The duration of online NLP workshop is of totally 8 full days. There are 2 levels with each level being of 4 days.

Further, there are also some shorter online NLP workshops which has a duration ranging from 3 to 12 hours. The shorter online NLP workshop can give you a glimpse of an experience of NLP. The topics of Online NLP Trainings are from NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses.
To know about the upcoming online NLP Trainings and offline New Code NLP and NLP Trainings, visit: Schedule

creative picture of man's brain being activated with Neuro Linguistic Programming
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Some Online NLP Courses are:

• Secret of Influential Communication through Words / Mindfulness with words (NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner course content)
• Exploration of Values (NLP Master Practitioner course content).
• Neurological Levels (NLP Practitioner course content)
• Advanced Modal Operator(NLP Master Practitioner course content).
• The Mind and establishing a connection with your Unconscious Mind.

NLP Practitioner - Abhay Thhakkar facilitating NLP Practitioner course in Mumbai, India
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Who benefits from NLP courses?

Every person from every walk of life benefits from Transformative NLP Courses. This is because what I teach during the trainings are Life Skills.
Further, each person deserves to live life to the highest potential. Hence, learning NLP and New Code NLP enables you to access your life of highest potential with regular practice of methods taught during the NLP Training Courses.

You can find further information on it on:
Who benefits from Transformative NLP courses?

You can also check the further benefits of the course for:

Many NLP Coaches
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Who has benefitted from NLP Trainings?

Some of the below-mentioned professionals have benefited from my New Code NLP and NLP Trainings:

• Healthcare Professionals: Doctors, Psychologists, Life Coaches, NLP Coaches, NLP Trainers, Nutritionists.

• Professionals from Corporates: COO, CEO, Entrepreneurs, Sales and Marketing Executives, HR professionals.

• Professional from Educational Institutions: Principals, Teachers and Students.

• Professional Performers: Professional Dancers, Actors and Actress.

• Professional Athletes and Coaches: Cricket players, Badminton players, Sports Coaches.

• Media: Social Media Strategists, Digital Marketing Executives, Website Designers and Developers, Voice Over Artist.

Abhay Thakkar , NLP Corporate Trainer, facilitating NLP Corporate Training in Mumbai, India

Frequently Asked Questions about:
NLP & New Code NLP

Page Overview

• What is NLP?

• How did NLP develop?

• Is NLP (including NLP Techniques and tools) applicable for everyone?

• How do New Code NLP tools work?

• How is New Code NLP different from NLP?

• How is the New Code NLP course different from other 'Mind' / 'Power of Subconscious Mind' courses?

• How does New Code NLP course differ from other change-based modalities such as Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression?

Butterfly above brain - symbolising transformation after NLP courses in Mumbai
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“NLP is a life changer. You lose nothing and gain a great thinking process.”
– Frank Pucelik.

“Brains aren't designed to get results; they go in directions. Knowing how the brain works lets you set your own directions.”
– Richard Bandler on learning NLP.
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What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)?

The full form of NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Neuro: Neuro is the Neurology. The involvement of our neurology in how we get programmed to live our life.

Linguistic: Linguistic is the Language. The impact that language has on our neurology and our life.

 Programming: Programming is our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. 
Our programming is often reflected in our behaviours with people and their responses to us.

When we are not achieving the desired results in our relationships, professional life, and other aspects of our life, we are gifted with an opportunity to reprogram ourselves to achieve the desired results.
After all, if we keep doing what we always did, we keep getting what we always got. Hence, learning NLP/New Code NLP will enable you to reprogram your life to achieve much more in life.
You can achieve that during New Code NLP and NLP courses in Mumbai and other cities through specific methods, language patterns, and techniques. I believe each one of us deserves to lead a successful and fulfilling life. When many methods, techniques and tools are created for it, why not apply them?

"In life, you are given a bag of moments You don't know how many you have. Learning NLP is about maximizing moments" - Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP).

To know further about what is NLP, visit: What is NLP?

A lady with hands wide open and on the field after experiencing the benefits of NLP Coaching session
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How did NLP develop?

Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) began its life in the early 1970’s, with the co-creators being - Richard Bandler, Dr. John Grinder, and Frank Pucelik.

Each one of them had an inclination towards understanding human behaviour. In this quest, they sought to learn the methodologies adopted by geniuses in the field of psychotherapy. Thereby enabling them to learn what the geniuses do differently which sets them apart from others.
To decode the patterns that the geniuses were using, they developed a methodology known as NLP Modelling.
NLP Modelling enabled them to decode & understand the behavioural, language and other patterns that geniuses would use.
Subsequently, by implementing those patterns, the co-creators also achieved the same results that geniuses were achieving.

Consequently, this led to developing several patterns, including the NLP techniques and tools, which they started sharing in their NLP workshops and NLP books.

After that, the NLP Coaches and NLP Trainers worldwide also achieved desired results successfully by implementing NLP Modelling, NLP techniques and tools.

As a result of the widespread applications and remarkable benefits of NLP, the field of NLP expanded rapidly across the globe. 

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao Tzu.

Founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP - John Grinder and Richard Bandler
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Is NLP (including NLP Techniques and Tools) applicable for everyone?

As shared in the answer to the above question, "How did NLP develop?", NLP is based on a methodology known as NLP Modelling. NLP Modelling enables us to decode and learn the patterns of geniuses and leaders from all walks of life. Consequently, this helps achieve faster and better results and therefore thrive in life.

As there are excellent performers in every field of human endeavor, NLP is applicable to everyone from all professional fields. Further, the NLP techniques and tools can be applied to heal and enhance every aspect of personal life as well, including emotional, mental, social and physical.

I have had the pleasure of interacting with and sharing the NLP techniques and tools with participants from every walk of life during my NLP workshops & training programs.
Some of the professional fields from which many of my NLP course participants have benefited are:

• Health Professionals: Doctors, Psychologists, Life Coaches, NLP Trainers, NLP Coaches, NLP Practitioners, Nutritionists.

• Corporates: CEO, COO, Entrepreneurs, HR professionals, Corporate Trainers, Sales & Marketing Executives.
• Educational Institutions: Principals, Teachers, Students.

• Performers: Professional Dancers, Bollywood Actors, and Actresses.

•  Athletes: Professional sportsmen/women such as Cricket players, Badminton players, Sports Coaches. 

• Media: Digital Marketing Executives, Social Media Strategists, Voice Over Artist.

Did you know?
The International Motivational Trainer Tony Robins applies NLP extensively in his seminars. He too was trained personally by John Grinder (co-creator of NLP). 

"The people who excel in any field realize that the moment is there to be seized. That there are opportunities at every turn. They are more alive to the moment."
- Charles Faulkner, NLP Trainer

Best NLP Practitioner Training in India being facilitated by best Master Practitioner - Abhay Thhakar
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How do New Code NLP techniques and tools work?

The activities in my New Code NLP training, such as New Code NLP Games, are designed for unleashing the power and wisdom of the unconscious mind. By engaging in the New Code NLP tools in an enjoyable manner, the unconscious mind automatically gets activated. Moreover, the unconscious mind automatically chooses the behaviour, state (emotion, physiology, neurology) and outcome that is appropriate in a situation, in which the change is desired.
Therefore, the New Code NLP tools enable an individual to go beyond the limitations of the conscious mind. 
Importantly, New Code NLP will enable you to create choices in life even when and where you thought there were none.

Visiting the following pages will give more idea about New Code NLP:
What is New Code NLP?
New Code NLP course contents

a drawing of a guru meditating
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How is New Code NLP different from NLP?

"New Code NLP is the Ferrari of NLP" - John Grinder (co-creator of NLP). 

John Grinder created New Code NLP for the purpose of rectifying the shortcomings of NLP, which were there according to him. 
One of the major flaws he thought to be there in NLP, was that most NLP techniques overlooked the significance of the unconscious mind.
I know, you may be aware that the unconscious mind is more wise and powerful than the conscious mind. 
Thus, in New Code NLP, the unconscious mind is much more involved in the processes. In New Code NLP, the unconscious mind automatically selects the behaviour, state (emotions, neurology, biochemistry) and outcome that is required for a person in a situation.

You can find more information about the differences between NLP and New Code NLP by visiting: What is New Code NLP?

a butterfly indicating transformation in life with NLP workshop
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How is New Code NLP course different from other
'Mind' / 'Power of Subconscious Mind' courses?

The approach itself is drastically different.
Most of the 'Mind'/'Power of Subconscious Mind' based modalities make the individual only sit or stand or lie down while doing the techniques /activities.

Whereas the New Code NLP tools, such as the New Code NLP Games, get not only the mind involved in the process but also the entire body – including neurology, physiology, and biochemistry-is made to take part while the New Code NLP techniques are being performed.
Since both Mind and Body are involved in performing the New Code NLP techniques, the results tend to be more powerful than using only the Mind.

 "Your mind, emotions andbody are instruments. And the way you align and tune them determines how wellyou play life." – Yogi

both hemispheres of brain
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How does New Code NLP differ from other change-based modalities such as Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression?

Firstly, NLP is not a therapy.
However, it has applications in the field of therapy besides having applications in all the other fields of human endeavor. 

Abhay (NLP Trainer and New Code NLP Trainer) has been practicing psychotherapy for over a decade. He has learnt various healing modalities, including Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression (1-year intensive course), Graphology, Chakra Healing, Reiki, and Family Constellation. 

Applications of NLP in the Personal sphere (Relationships):
It has been found that many healing modalities can be applied only in the professional sphere.
Therefore, the practitioners of these modalities could not assist their loved ones much in their healing process. 
On the other hand, a New Code NLP Practitioner/NLP Coach can easily apply the New Code NLP techniques and tools to their loved ones - including kids right from the age of 3. 

Applications in the Corporate World:
The New Code NLP techniques and tools can be implemented "content-free".
In other words, the New Code NLP Coach can assist a person in overcoming issues or challenges they face, even without knowing the details of their circumstances /plight.

Thus, New Code NLP techniques/tools can be easily used by corporates regularly to enhance their lives.

Additionally, the New Code NLP Games can enable corporate employees to achieve their 'Peak-Performance State'.

As a corporate trainer, I have had the pleasure of sharing the New Code NLP tools in my corporate trainings.

Fun Element:
I also found that in other healing modalities the aspect of enjoyment is missing.
On the other hand, New Code NLP tools such as New Code NLP Games work optimally when there is an element of fun& enjoyment.
If self-growth and healing are to become a part of every individual's life process, it needs to have the component of recreation & pleasure. 

"Life is a gift. It offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more." - Tony Robbins.
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