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Communication by Parents

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As we mold a child to be the best version of themselves, we may not always be aware of how we have communicated what we have communicated.
However, in each of the interactions with a child, we make deposits in their memory banks. Hence, being mindful of how we communicate (verbal & non-verbal) also plays a key role in how a child's future unfolds.

Most of the time, we communicate with children in the same manner that our parents communicated with us, and we become a copy of our parents, or we interact with children in exactly the opposite manner in which we were interacted with by our parents.

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Children not listening?

Children may not be good at listening to their parents, but they are the best at imitating their parents. Often, in my NLP coaching session, parents complain to me about their child – “My child doesn’t listen to me” and I ask them, “how often have you listened to your child and spent quality time with them” (if you are one of them, listen to your child and notice the difference in the response).

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The most prevalent method of learning from the child is through modelling – imitating behaviours, attitudes, and habits through verbal and non – verbal, which include the tone, words, and how they communicate, and the language. Hence it is important to be mindful of communication and behaviour of parents.

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Reacting or Responding?

What determines whether the parent reacts or responds? It is the state(neurology, biochemistry/emotion) that determines the behaviours.
Hence, through Transformative New Code NLP – NLP Courses in Mumbai and other cities, parents can learn several techniques thereby responding and not behaving.

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