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• Children don't listen? What is a solution?
• Parents react or respond?
• It's all in the genes only?
• Healing with playing Games
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Communication by Parents

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As we mold a child to be the best version of themselves, we may not always be aware of how we have communicated what we have communicated.
However, in each of the interactions with a child, we make deposits in their memory banks. Hence, being mindful of how we communicate (verbal & non-verbal) also plays a key role in how a child's future unfolds.

Most of the time, we communicate with children in the same manner that our parents communicated with us, and we become a copy of our parents, or we interact with children in exactly the opposite manner in which we were interacted with by our parents.

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Children not listening?

Children may not be good at listening to their parents, but they are the best at imitating their parents. Often, in my NLP coaching session, parents complain to me about their child – “My child doesn’t listen to me” and I ask them, “how often have you listened to your child and spent quality time with them” (if you are one of them, listen to your child and notice the difference in the response).

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The most prevalent method of learning from the child is through modelling – imitating behaviours, attitudes, and habits through verbal and non – verbal, which include the tone, words, and how they communicate, and the language. Hence it is important to be mindful of communication and behaviour of parents.

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Reacting or Responding?

What determines whether the parent reacts or responds?

It is the state (neurology, biochemistry/emotion) that determines the behaviours.
Hence, through my Transformative New Code NLP – NLP Courses in Mumbai and other cities, I enable you to create state choices.
Further, parents learn several techniques thereby they respond and not react while interacting with children and in other situations as well.

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It’s all in the Genes only?

Besides the behaviours, attitudes, habits, children also pick up health issues from their parents as well. The health issues that children have, are then termed as being caused due to their genes or are considered as ‘transgenerational’ in nature.
However, there has been a lot of research done on genetics in which it has been that although some are transgenerational, many health issues are related to the environment that the family creates in which the child is living in and how the child perceives the environment, which causes the health issue.

In fact, in one research, in a family for over generations, lupus (an autoimmune disease) was being passed on in every generation in the family, and so it was believed that lupus was ‘hereditary’.
Hence, when in one of the generations, when 2 children were born, taking the family's consent, one child was taken to the foster home and was brought up there, while the other child continued to be brought up by the family.
After some years, the child who stayed with the family developed lupus, but the child who was staying at the foster home did not develop lupus.

Based on this research and various similar studies, it was found that the environment that a child is brought up plays a vital role that even determines what health issues a person can get.

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Create State Choices with NLP Techniques

There would be situations where the child may not behave and act the way you would like the child to, which may even lead to “losing cool” (losing state choice), which can lead to regrettable actions /behaviours.
The Transformative NLP techniques and tools used by an NLP coach can empower us with a state choice in which we can choose to operate out of state that we would like, which could also be calm, peace or even “losing cool” and thereby behave in a manner that you would not regret later.

Remember, anger isn't always "bad" when it is operated out of choice and when anger as an energy is displaced in a constructive manner.
Hence, in my Transformative NLP course, through a New Code NLP tool, we educate the body and mind to operate out of anger with a choice. i.e., only when the person feels that expression of anger is required, he expresses the anger, and when not required, he does not express unnecessarily in a destructive manner.

Regarding state choice, as an NLP Trainer and New Code NLP Trainer, I believe that:
“You can’t affect the cards that you are dealt, but you can determine how you play them” -
Dr. Milton H Erickson.

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Developing Flexibility in Behaviours

Additionally, in my Transformative NLP Courses in Mumbai and other cities, you can learn techniques to modify your behavior to give you results you desire in your interaction with a child.

The key is having the flexibility of generating new behaviours since if you keep doing what you always did, you will keep getting what you always got. Isn't it?

“Insanity is when you continue doing the same things and you keep expecting a different result” – Albert Einstein.

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Enjoy playing New Code NLP games to heal

Children have an innate nature of playing. Often it is not the game that they are addicted to, but it is the state that they get addicted to when they are playing the game.

Hence, how would it be if a child plays a game which not only brings up states such as excitement, happiness but also unleashes creativity, focus, calmness and states that will enable them to perform better in extra-curricular activities as well as academics! The Transformative NLP games are designed for enabling you to do so.

Very often, it becomes quite a task for parents to tell children to study, and then they resort to ways that they often regret later. How would it be if a child can overcome study blocks by just playing New Code NLP games?

There are several individuals who look out for simple NLP techniques for studying and NLP techniques for confidence. It can’t get easier than the New Code NLP techniques since it also involves games that must be played in a joyful manner.  

How would it be when your child grows up and tells you that:
“We didn’t realise we were making memories; we just knew we were having fun.”

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The Mind is like a sponge

A child’s mind is like a sponge. Every label that a child may have got from someone, especially a person that he/she looks up to, such as parents, the person carries the label with him/her for many years and even throughout their life.

A friend once shared with me that since she was 8 years old, her brother would often call her fat and ugly, and so ever since then, she has been feeling that way.  

Another friend shared with me that his mathematics teacher told him that he was “bad” in mathematics, so he would always struggle to do well in mathematics, and even now, at the age of 32 years, he still has a mental block with mathematics.

This kind of feedback that a child grows up believing is also termed as a hypnotic suggestion planted in the child's subconscious mind, which he grows up believing as true. On many occasions, it stays for the rest of life unless they choose to address it.

How you speak to the child also becomes their inner voice.

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The Feedback

How many labels do each one of us carry around?
Did you know? 40% of English words are labels.

How would it have been if the feedbacks were given chunked down to specific behaviour in an environment i.e. “on this specific day on this specific chapter the performance could be better” in an environment rather than feedback at the level of identity i.e. “You are bad at Mathematics” or “You are lazy”.  

Remember, it is easier to build a strong child, than to repair a broken man.

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Learning Styles - Shared in NLP Trainings

In my NLP trainings in India and abroad, I also share about identifying the personality type with the learning style of an individual, which can be of great value to understanding and teaching a child.

A child is born with an innate desire for touch, so the child has a natural learning style of learning through touch. However, the learning style devised for students in most educational institutes are designed on the lines of teaching through visuals and auditory. However, if the child prefers to continue to learn only through touch, unfortunately the child gets labelled as ‘slow learner’.

Each parent wants their child to be successful. However, how a child handles success is predominantly determined by their childhood. 
"Education begins the moment we see children as innately wise and capable beings. Only then we can play along in their world”

Allow yourself to move into their world to influence theirworld. New Code NLP training courses can enable you to do so.

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“You may choose to believe you are not perfect but when you look at children, you will know that you got something in your life perfectly right.” 

“Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.” – Khalil Gibran

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