Best NLP Course in India or Best NLP Trainer in India?

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• Why is it challenging to select an NLP Trainer?

• Gain an in-depth awareness of the 4 criteria set by Dr. John Grinder (co-creator of NLP) for an NLP course and NLP trainer.

The four criteria being:
1 -  Practical Experiential NLP Courses and not theoretical.
2 – No Content Impositions by an NLP Trainer.
3 – Discovering your own life Learnings and not through NLP Trainer preaching you.
4 – Congruency of the NLP Trainer.

• My personal notes in response to each criteria for the NLP courses.

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Seeking NLP Certification Course in India?

Are you looking to become trained in NLP or curious about NLP certification training in India or abroad but unsure where to start?

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Before making your choice, this page provides the criteria Dr. John Grinder (co-creator of NLP) set for selecting the appropriate and best NLP trainer and best NLP course suited for you. Thereby enabling you to gain the most from your NLP training experience. 

Hence, by ensuring you get all the necessary information for an NLP course (such as New Code NLP course / NLP Practitioner course) from this page, your NLP training experience will be much more enriching! Thereafter, there is no telling how far-reaching your newfound New Code NLP/NLP skills will take you!

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Selection of an NLP Trainer

Why is it challenging to select an NLP Trainer in India and overseas? 

Since NLP falls under the public domain, anyone can legally facilitate NLP courses (including NLP Trainers Training) even without attending a single NLP course.
(The exception of the NLP course is the New Code NLP course. Since New Code NLP is the intellectual property of Dr. John Grinder). 

Hence, with no single organisation responsible for regulating the quality of NLP trainings (except New Code NLP training) globally, anyone can claim to be the best NLP Coach, NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer.

Further, NLP Trainers can self-proclaim to be the best NLP Trainer in India without even an NLP Trainer certification directly from co-creators of NLP.

Evaluations to become an NLP Trainer
To become an NLP Trainer certified by co-creator of NLP - Dr. John Grinder, there was an extensive and intensive NLP Trainers Training for about a month. In fact, many participants did not pass their NLP Trainers Training course.
Further, as a John Grinder certified NLP Trainer and New Code NLP Trainer, I'm accountable to the organisation (ITA/ITCA) on the New Code NLP / NLP course contents and training method, which I have mentioned on the page.

Number of days of the NLP Course
Additionally, the no of days of the NLP courses needs to be considered since the international standards set by co-creators of NLP for NLP courses is 10 days. This includes the NLP Practitioner course and the NLP Master Practitioner course.

However, since NLP is in the public domain, people have a wide range to choose from when selecting the best NLP trainer to guide them in their NLP learning journey.

Nevertheless, John Grinder has established an international benchmark of excellence in NLP certification courses and NLP Trainers by setting stringent standards to ensure a top-notch learning experience no matter which corner of the globe you come from.
Thereby enabling you to gain the most value from attending an NLP course. 

Be sure to explore this page and discover all these set-international standards for both Indian and universal seekers of Neuro Linguistic Programming courses.

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John Grinder's

Criteria for selecting NLP Trainer in India or abroad

Criteria by John Grinder (co-creator of NLP)

Since there are many NLP Trainers who facilitate NLP courses, choosing an NLP certification course can be daunting, but with Dr. John Grinder's criteria, it doesn't have to be.  

You can take a look at each criteria which is a prerequisite for an NLP Training Course and NLP Trainer.

1 –  Practical Experiential NLP Trainings and not theoretical.
2 – No Content Imposition by an NLP Trainer.
3 – Discovering learnings by yourself.
4 – Congruence of NLP Trainer.

I have elaborated on each of the 4 criteria below.
Additionally, you can read my handy notes that accompany each criteria.

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1. Practical and Experiential NLP Courses

not theoretical

John Grinder:
"The basis of an effective NLP course is the creation by an NLP trainer, a series of contexts in which, through experience, a participant arrives at his own direct tacit knowledge of the NLP patterns.
The measure of an effective NLP training is whether the participant can do (NLP technique, tool, skill), never whether he can talk about it.”

Abhay Thhakkar:
"My NLP course participants often express their appreciation for the number of practice opportunities provided during the entire course. Many NLP technique and tool are taught during the NLP course, and all of them are practiced by participants.

The participants also find value in learning through first-hand experience instead of simply relying on what they can acquire from theory and NLP books.
Gaining opportunities to hone practical skills enables them to go beyond simply learning theoretical information and jargons often used by NLP Trainers.

I believe that putting theoretical knowledge into action is essential.
Additionally, I believe in simplifying the concepts rather than using jargons.

Hence, the focus is more on applications rather than theory and jargons.
As a result, participants experience real-life transformations and practical experiential learnings during my NLP Courses in Mumbai and other cities.

Abhay U Thakkar, the best NLP Trainer in India, facilitating the best NLP Course in India
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2- No Content Imposition by NLP Trainers

NO Preaching in NLP Certification Trainings

John Grinder:
"All NLP course materials need to be carefully scrutinised to ensure that only formal (never content) patterning is being presented as part of NLP patterning. NLP trainers who cannot make this distinction are to be disqualified until they achieve such competency."

Abhay Thhakkar:
"When I attended (and mentored) in John Grinder's International NLP certification courses abroad, he spent ample time with us, as NLP Trainers directly certified by him - to distinguish between content and process.
It was an essential part of our NLP Trainer's Training since some topics that are taught by many NLP trainers in their NLP courses are not NLP content.

Further, many NLP trainers preach NLP and not facilitate NLP learnings.
Example, they talk about NLP Presuppositions (a topic they teach in the NLP Practitioner course) rather than participants experiencing the NLP Presuppositions. Thereby learning the several NLP Presuppositions by themselves through experiencing them during the NLP course.

During my NLP courses, I ensure that the topics I teach are based on formal and process patterning, thereby staying true to international NLP certification course standards.
Additionally, there are several activities that participants experience and enjoy, through which they acquire learnings by themselves.

As an NLP trainer certified by him, I am responsible for ensuring that the techniques and methods taught during my NLP courses are rooted in real NLP.
Thereby I am providing my participants with an authentic NLP learning experience and giving them access to top-level international standards of NLP training."

NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach practicing New Code NLP Game during Abhay's NLP course in Mumbai, India
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3. – Discovering Life Learning and Creating NLP

Create your own NLP techniques/tools/patterns

John Grinder: "The ideal design of NLP course training inherently involves discovery processes by participants to achieve unconscious competency before achieving explicit verbal competency." 

Abhay Thhakkar: "My NLP courses provide a unique learning experience that encourages participants to explore the unlimited potential of their minds.
During my NLP courses, all participants have the chance to discover more than just what they expected to learn. This includes gain awareness about their life.

Instead of providing all the knowledge and lessons myself, I facilitate experiential learning through activities. Thereby giving them a unique context to explore their ideas and techniques within an environment built on shared expertise.

Hence, each participant becomes involved in crafting new strategies and NLP techniques with their newfound understandings through the course. As a result, they go even beyond what is taught by me during the NLP certification course.

Further, they integrate with their existing expertise in an experiential way instead of memorising static facts and jargons- unlocking powerful tools and awareness that they take away from my NLP training. This includes my Transformative NLP Training - Level 1, Transformative NLP Training - Level 2 and NLP courses online."

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4-     Congruence of NLP Trainer

Is the NLP Trainer Genuine?
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John Grinder:
"The single most important variable while selecting NLP training is the congruity of the NLP trainer.
Without a model (the NLP trainer) offering demonstrations of the patterning, the NLP course is unlikely to achieve the desired results." 

Abhay Thhakkar:
"Learning is a passion of mine. I'm a student of life. Hence I'm always expanding my knowledge with different courses besides Neuro Linguistic Programming courses.
When choosing which course to attend, one important thing for me is feeling connected to the facilitator. It can make all the difference if we're on the same wavelength!
If you want your learning experience to be as rewarding as possible too, I believe this should definitely factor into your decision-making process of selecting the best NLP trainer suited for you.

Further, their skills and abilities as an NLP coach must be factored in. Since they are training you to become an NLP Coach.

I have been an NLP coach since the year 2008 and hence I have an extensive experience of learning and applying NLP techniques/tool/patterns. You can find my journey as an NLP on the page: Journey as an NLP Trainer. You can experience a glimpse of my Neuro Linguistic Programming in my 3-hour NLP workshop"

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John Grinder has also mentioned the above 4 criteria in his NLP book- 'Whispering in the Wind'.

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NLP Certificate in India - A Piece of Paper?

When selecting an NLP certification course, some NLP Trainers in India would claim that a certification from a reputed International NLP training organization must not be the sole criterion, and I agree.

However, before signing up for an NLP certification course in India or abroad, you could consider the words of Dr. John Grinder on what criteria should factor into your decision.

With these standards in mind, start exploring NLP courses in India or worldwide that are available for that perfect combination of value and expertise.

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