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• Benefits of New Code NLP courses for:

 - Children and Students.
 - Family
 - Psychologists
 - Corporate Professionals
 - Teachers
 - Athletes
 - Yoga Teachers
 - Dancers, Actors, Actress, Performers
 - NLP Coaches/ NLP Practitioners
 - Corporate Trainers

participants during Abhay's NLP training in Mumbai gaining insights with NLP technique
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Benefits of New Code NLP courses

"New Code NLP is the Ferrari of NLP" - John Grinder (co-creator of NLP)

The New Code NLP techniques/ tools I share during my New Code NLP training have been benefiting people from all walks of life.
I have shared some of the benefits of attending Internationally Certified New Code NLP course on this page.

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New Code NLP for Children/Students

Children / Students: Several issues children face, such as exams and social pressures, can be resolved. Further, the activities are designed to enhance their attention, concentration, confidence, etc.
In fact, certain New Code NLP tools involve activating both hemispheres of the brain, which contribute to improving behaviour and studies.

Moreover, by engaging in playing New Code NLP Games and other activities, there will be an improvement in the overall growth and development of the child.

a mother being calm when children are fighting
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New Code NLP for Family

Family: You can improve relationships with parents, partner, and in-laws.
The conflicts within the household can reduce.
The New Code NLP techniques/tools evoke a sense of peacefulness and calmness, which enables one to not flare up in a situation as well as manage the situation in an empowered way.

In addition, the New Code NLP techniques/tools can enable a person to find alternate behaviours in dealing with situations.

Subsequently, when the technique/tool when practiced will lead to a new reality in personal life.

a man seeing through his perceptions of mind
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New Code NLP for Psychologists

Psychologists: Psychologists can apply in their clinical practice in cases such as depression, anxiety, fears, suicidal thoughts, and the grief of having lost one/job can be resolved with the New Code NLP techniques and tools.

In addition, the issues that I have in the above 2 categories are common ones for which clients go to a psychologist, which can be resolved as well.
You will learn and practice those New Code NLP techniques and tools during the New Code NLP Training.

Hence, this will give you the confidence and conviction to apply the methods immediately after the New Code NLP course.

Participants of Abhay's NLP course in Mumbai playing a game on communication
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New Code NLP for Corporate Professionals

Corporate Professionals: Every professional from the corporate field undergoes immense stress and pressure, such as deadline pressure. Further, office politics and immense competition add to the work pressures. Moreover, stress at work tends to affect personal life – personal relationships, and health.

Hence, emotional management, which equips with dealing with stress, is of prime importance for a person working in the corporate world.
Therefore, my intensive New Code NLP Training, which is designed for self-healing is a perfect opportunity to heal the emotional baggages and stress that corporate professionals have been experiencing since years.

Further, they will also learn NLP techniques and tools they can apply in the corporate world, such as asking the right questions and being more influential in communication.
Also, the NLP techniques will empower them to reduce unpleasant emotions such as frustration and anger and enhance state such as peacefulness and calmness.

A group of participants discussing during the NLP Course in Mumbai, facilitated by NLP Practitioner from Mumbai - Abhay Thhakkar
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New Code NLP for Teachers

Teachers: I have facilitated sessions for Educational Institutes such as Pioneer World School in Hyderabad and NGOs for kids.

In a session for an NGO - Touching Lives (in Mumbai), after the session, the students even suggested to the teachers that the New Code NLP Games should be played daily since they enjoyed playing the games.

Moreover, it benefits them by activating both hemispheres of the brain. Also, it activates an empowered state within them which benefits them in all aspects of life, including studies and performances in extra-curricular activities.

Abhay U Thakkar - Best NLP trainer from India, facilitating NLP course in Delhi, in a school.
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New Code NLP for Athletes

Athletes: Athletes require emotional states such as focus, calmness, determination and peak performance states which can be accessed through the New Code NLP tools and techniques.

Athletes face an immense amount of pressure in several instances while competing. At those critical moments, a ‘peak performance state’ is needed to inch ahead of the opponents.
Therefore, several New Code NLP tools, such as New Code NLP games, enable them to unleash their peak performance state in those moments, which will turn the favour towards them.

In addition, there are instances where they require out-of-the-box thinking to outsmart the opponents. Therefore, accessing their subconscious mind through New Code NLP techniques benefits them.

A participant experience hypnosis nlp technique during NLP course in Mumbai, India which was facilitated by best NLP coach and best nlp trainer - Abhay U Thakkar
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New Code NLP for Yoga Teachers

Many people join Yoga with the intention of spiritual growth, including achieving a 'niruddha' state of mind (meditative state). However, initially, it is a challenge since the mind wanders since most have a 'vikshipt' mind, i.e., our mind wanders.
While some join Yoga for enhancing their emotional, mental and physical well-being.

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Hence, yoga teachers will learn several methods for enabling their students to achieve meditative and other states such as calmness, peacefulness, and relaxation during the New Code NLP training. As a result, this will further improve their process of learning and practicing Yoga.

Moreover, they will also learn to heal people at the level of emotional, mental and physical. Hence, it compliments their practice as Yoga Teachers.

Abhay Thakkar facilitating NLP Training for college
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New Code NLP for NLP Coaches/ NLP Practitioners/ NLP Trainers

NLP Coaches/ NLP Practitioners / NLP Master Practitioners/ NLP Trainers –
“New Code NLP is the Ferrari of NLP” – John Grinder (co-creator of NLP).

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“The motivations for the creation of the New Code are multiple and include are cognition that the coding of patterning I accomplished with Richard Bandler in the creation of NLP contained several serious coding flaws.
The New Code NLP takes the design variables of NLP format to the extreme.” - John Grinder (co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Hence, there have been many NLP Coaches, NLP Practitioners, NLP Master Practitioners and NLP Trainers who have attended my Internationally Certified New Code NLP courses in Mumbai and other cities in India and overseas.
You can find reviews from those who have learned NLP from other NLP trainers in India.

If you would like to know the difference between NLP and New Code NLP, visit - What is New Code NLP?

India's best nlp trainer and best nlp coach - Abhay Thakkar, doing the opening ceremony before his neuro linguistic programming course in Mumbai, India
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New Code NLP for Corporate Trainers

Corporate Trainers – Learn fun-based activities which not only serve as an ice-breaker, but also benefit them immensely in overcoming issues and empowering them. Further, corporates are on the lookout for activities that puts them in a High-Performance State.

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In fact, a core of New Code NLP Training is activities that put a person in a High-Performance State.

Also, since all the New Code NLP techniques and tools can be applied content-free, you need not share the issue at all and still gain benefits. This is an important aspect since, in the corporate world, you cannot share the problems, such as an employee may not be able to share the discomforts he feels about other employees.

Participants discussing during a NLP Practitioner course in Mumbai, India with  best NLP Practitioner in India - Abhay Thhakkar
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