Neuro Linguistic Programming:
Past to Present

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• How Neuro Linguistic Programming originated.

• The evolvement of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

• NLP and New Code NLP.

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NLP Origins

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) began its life early in the 1970’s when a linguistic professor - Dr. John Grinder along with Richard Bandler and Frank Pucelik from the University of California, US, decided to work together.

All 3 of them were curious to understand human behaviour. In particular, to learn what specifically are geniuses doing differently that sets them apart from average performers. 

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NLP Modelling

Consequently, this led them to develop a methodology called NLP Modelling.

NLP Modelling involves decoding communication, behaviour patterns of geniuses and applying the patterns.
Thereafter, ensuring the NLP Modeller gains similar results as the person they modelled. Hence, NLP is known as accelerated form of learning.

As a result of NLP Modelling, there are NLP techniques and tools that are created which are taught in NLP Courses across the globe.

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NLP Modelling in Therapy

Initially, the founders of NLP did NLP Modelling of geniuses in the field of psychotherapy.  
The 3 geniuses that the NLP founders initially modelled were:
• Dr. Milton H Erickson (Hypnotherapist)
• Fritz Perls (Gestalt Therapist)
• Virginia Satir (Family Therapist) 

The founders of NLP considered the 3 psychotherapists as geniuses because they were consistently gaining successful results in enabling their clients to overcome their problems. Additionally, enabling them to achieve the outcomes they desired in life in a shorter time duration. 

The 3 psychotherapists were not able to give a conscious description of what they were specifically doing that enabled them to yield the results the yachieved. Hence, through the methodology of NLP Modelling, the NLP founders were able to decode and apply the patterns. Thereby gain similar results as the geniuses.

As a result of modelling Perls, Dr. Erickson and Satir, there are several NLP techniques and tools that were developed. These techniques are taught in NLP Trainings and are designed to enable individuals to overcome the problems and achieve the outcomes in life they desire.

Founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP - John Grinder and Richard Bandler
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NLP Trainings and NLP Books

In 1975, the founders of NLP, introduced their groundbreaking work with the world through the NLP book – ‘Structure of Magic’ and their NLP Trainings. Individuals from the field of communication, behaviour and change began achieving unprecedented success through applying the patterns shared by the NLP founders.

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Evolution of Neuro Linguistic Programming

As a result of the astonishing success, they went on to do NLP Modelling of geniuses in every field of human endeavor. This includes individuals from the world of corporates, educational institutions and performers – sports, dance, music. 

Hence, in my NLP Training, I have had participants from every walk of life since they can apply the NLP course contents in their professional and personal life, for enhancing their life. Consequently, they have gained immense benefits and experienced transformations in their life.

NLP Course at DY Patil College in Mumbai, which was facilitated by an NLP Trainer from Mumbai - Abhay
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Popularity of NLP Coaching and NLP Courses

Did you know? 

Have you wondered what is the secret that drives the world’s most iconic celebrities to excel professionally?
Answer: Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching

Global icons across varied professions credit Neuro Linguistic Programming for their success. This includes Leonardo Di Caprio, Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Tony Robbins, Russell Brand.

“Neuro Linguistic Programming is a life changer.
By learning NLP, you will lose nothing but will gain a great thinking process"
- Frank Pucelik
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Birth of New Code NLP

In the late 1970’s the co-creators of NLP, stopped working together. However, they continued to sharing NLP with the world through their NLP Trainings and NLP books. 

Meanwhile, John Grinder, set out with an intent to rectify certain limitations he perceived in NLP. Hence, they led to him developing New Code NLP. 

Note: To distinguish New Code NLP from NLP, NLP is often referred to as Classic Code NLP.
However, on this website, there are times when I have referred NLP Courses or NLP Trainings, which also includes New Code NLP Courses.

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NLP and New Code NLP – Different?

A common question that is often asked by enthusiast learners including NLP Trainers, NLP Practitioners, NLP Master Practitioners and NLP Coach, is to understand the difference between NLP and New Code NLP.

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One of the prime differences between NLP and New Code NLP is the utilisation of the subconscious mind.
In New Code NLP, compared to NLP, there is much more involvement of the subconscious mind. This includes subconscious mind selecting the outcome, behaviour and emotional state that a person desires a change in. 

To know further differences, you can visit: What is New Code NLP?

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NLP – Globally –
International Certified NLP Trainings

Due to the effectiveness of NLP, NLP Trainings rapidly grew in popularity in the field of personal and professional development across the globe.

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Enthusiastic learners from every field of human endeavour sought to learn NLP. Since they became aware of the immense benefits they will be gaining through applying NLP techniques and tools.
Consequently, there were many NLP Trainers across the globe sharing the fascinating world of NLP through their NLP Courses.

Best NLP Practitioner and NLP Trainer from Mumbai - Abhay Thakkar, attending NLP Course in Madrid, Spain, facilitated by Frank Pucelik (co-creator of NLP)
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NLP Courses in India

There are many NLP Trainers in India too, who began teaching NLP.
However, since NLP is an unregulated field, there were many who became NLP Trainers without even attending an NLP Trainers Training and/or learning from the co-creators of NLP.

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Hence, selecting an NLP Trainer in India can be a task. Therefore, I have shared certain criteria for selecting an NLP Trainer based on the criteria set by the co-creator of NLP – Dr. John Grinder.

You can read more about it on: Selecting best NLP trainer in India/ Best NLP Course in India.

Best NLP Practitioner Training in India being facilitated by best Master Practitioner - Abhay Thhakar
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Transformative NLP Training

I, Abhay Thhakkar, facilitate Internationally Certified New Code NLP and NLP Trainings in India and overseas. The courses are directly certified by co-creator of NLP and co-developers of New Code NLP. 

To know more about Abhay, visit: Abhay Thhakkar – NLP Trainer 

To know more about, what is NLP? , visit: what is NLP? 

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