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• A story on the power of words.
• Mindfulness of words and rapport building by doctors.
• The placebo effect.
• Body and Mind are connected.
• "It's the stress"
• Self Care and Healing.

A counselling session by a doctor/psychologist and 2 patients who are a couple
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A story on - Power of Words

‘A patient awakens from surgery in the recovery room of the hospital. She is visited by the surgeon who is to inform her of the results of her operation.
Still groggy from the anesthetic, and somewhat anxious, the patient asks the surgeon how the operation went.

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The surgeon replies "Iam afraid I have some bad news. The tumor we removed was cancerous.
Facing her worst fears, the patient asks, "What now?".
The surgeon answers "Well the good news is that we've removed the tumor as completely as we can. The rest is up to you".

Spurred by the surgeon's comment of "The rest is up to you", the patient begins are-evaluation of her lifestyle, and the alternatives that are available to her.

She makes changes in her diet and establishes consistent patterns of exercise.
Reflecting on how stressful and unrewarding her life has been in the past few years before the surgery, the patient embarks on a path of personal growth, clarifying her beliefs, values and life purpose. 
The patient’s life takes a dramatic turn for the better, and years later, she is happy, free of cancer and healthier than she has ever been before.’

- Above story is an excerpt from the NLP book –‘Sleight of mouth’ – Robert Dilts

Bullets coming from mouth denoting minfulness with words learnt in NLP practitioner course in Mumbai
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Mindfulness and Rapport by Doctors

“A tongue has no bones, but it can break a heart.”

The doctors are the lifeline of our society.
We go with complete faith to doctors and hence we are also the most vulnerable at that time.

Since doctors are at an authoritative position, the way they communicate is critical since their communication can get easily embedded into the unconscious mind of a patient which can have an impact of how the patient’s life will unfold.

Being mindful of the words used during the interactions with patients is a critical element of an interaction.
The interactions can also include those moments where they have to reveal unpleasant news to the patient and/or the family of the patient.

Participants of my Transformative NLP courses in Mumbai and other cities, have often shared with me that after attending my NLP course, they have been more mindful of the words they use,

Additionally, the several tools of my NLP course have enabled them to create a better rapport with others.
In fact, rapport building with patients is another valuable NLP tool for doctors as well.

A boarding indicating choosing between - wellness and illness.
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It's all in the Mind - Placebo

Often doctors agree with the concept of the placebo effect, so they do acknowledge the power of the mind.

“Natural forces within us are true healers of disease” – Hippocrates. 

Besides being experts at working at the level of the body, how would it be if they become experts of dealing at the level of a patient’s mind, since it’s all in the mind isn’t it?

Infact ‘pain’ is a signal from the subconscious mind –

Hence, is the conscious mind listening to the subconscious mind signals?

Also, since prevention is better than cure, why wait for the body to break down and then heal it.  

“The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need medicines” – Hippocrates.

creative picture of man's brain being activated with Neuro Linguistic Programming
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Body and Mind

“Your mind, emotions and body are the instruments and the way you align and tune them, determines how well you play life” – H. Yogi

Body and mind are a linked system. In fact, even though a patient maybe declared brain dead, a patient is still alive because the mind is still functioning.

“The kind of disease a person gets is based on a person’s character, personality and mental attitude”– Hippocrates.

a girl connecting within during NLP course
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“It’s the STRESS”

Doctors often tell their patients that the cause of their health issue is stress.
So how would it be if they also learn ways to help their patients to overcome stress, anxiety, fear, traumas?

At times even before or during the interaction with a doctor, a patient may have ‘white coat fear’ or ‘white coat hypertension’.

Hence, building rapport and assisting them to overcome not only stress and fear but also traumas and dealing with an entire range of emotional, physical and psychological problems related with mind can be learnt in my Transformative NLP courses I facilitate in Mumbai and other cities.

Further, I also teach participants of my NLP training courses, certain techniques by which certain unpleasant emotions and traumas can be overcome within even 15 minutes.

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Personal Application of NLP techniques

The techniques I applied has shown immense benefits with people with mental, emotional and psychological challenges.

I was working at a couple of well-known rehabilitation centre's (centre for addiction & mental disorders) in Mumbai for over 6 years and was using NLP techniques and tools on patients and they had immensely benefited from them.

I had also facilitated courses at DY Patil college - Pediatric dental department - and they have said that the tools that I had shared with them have been very useful while dealing with patients.

NLP Course at DY Patil College in Mumbai, which was facilitated by an NLP Trainer from Mumbai - Abhay
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Self Care -Self-Healing

Besides the patients going through ‘stress’ even the doctors need to know ways to handle stress so they can do justice with their work.

By practicing the Transformative NLP techniques that I teach in my NLP courses, it also ensures they lead a better quality of personal life.
In fact, working on their state (neurology, biochemistry/emotion) is extremely critical for the surgeons.

A life of a person can depend on them. Isn't it?

a picture of a person sitting crossed legs representing introspecting during a session by an NLP Practitioner

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