About NLP Courses
(Neuro Linguistic Programming Courses)

I facilitate transformation in people's lives through simple, fun and effective: methods and techniques while facilitating Neuro Linguistic Programming courses.
The most popular NLP & New Code NLP training is the 10 days intensive healing and coaching based training - NLP Core Skills (2 days) and New Code NLP Training (8 days).
During the training, you can choose to heal and enhance any aspect of your personal and professional life. The aspects can range from relationship problems to increasing your business. It also includes addressing habits, behaviours, enhancing peace, confidence, focus and happiness.
Further, I also teach how to do so, so one can empower self, family members, friends and anyone who wishes for.

10 days New Code NLP & NLP Training: 10 aspects

Deep Healing

Intensive and Extensive Healing. Heal & enhance any aspect of your life.

Healing through Games

Heal by playing fun based New Code NLP Games & other techniques/tools.

Brain Activation

Activate & Balance both hemispheres of the Brain.

Accessing Unconscious Mind

Access the Power & Wisdom of the Unconscious Mind.

Access 'High Performance' & 'Flow State'

Enhance powerful positive emotional states like energetic, focus, calmness.

Heal without sharing issues

Heal relationships, unpleasant memories without sharing the situation.

Mindfulness with Words

Enhance relationships through mindfulness of communication.

Influential Communication

Communicate much more effectively with family and in professional life.

Benefits all Professionals

Learn applications of NLP taught for every profession. Hence, enhance your professional life much more.

Internationally Certification

Become an Internationally Certified NLP Practitioner/New Code NLP Practitioner. Assist anyone to heal and enhance their life.

For information on the NLP course contents of the 10 days of NLP Trainings, visit:
NLP Core Skills (2 days)
New Code NLP Training (8 days)

Abhay Thakkar's NLP course in Mumbai at DY Patil College, Mumbai
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Online NLP Trainings

Although the best NLP course recommended will be the 10 days (85 hours training time) - NLP Core Skills & New Code NLP, I also facilitate online NLP trainings.

Hence, you also have the choice of learn NLP at the comforts of your home with the online NLP course.

Although some of the contents of the online NLP course is different from the offline NLP courses.

Even though the contents are different, you will still gain ample of benefits in the online NLP training as well.

The duration of online NLP workshop is of totally 8 full days. There are 2 levels with each levels being of 4 days.

Further, there are also some shorter online NLP workshops which has a duration ranging from 3 to 12 hours. The shorter online NLP workshop can give you a glimpse of an experience of NLP. The topics of Online NLP courses are from NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses.

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Some Online NLP Courses are:

Some of the shorter 3 - 12 hours online NLP trainings are:

• Secret of Influential Communication through Words / Mindfulness with words (NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner course content)
• Exploration of Values (NLP Master Practitioner course content).
• Neurological Levels (NLP Practitioner course content)
• Advanced Modal Operator(NLP Master Practitioner course content).
• The Mind and establishing a connection with your Unconscious Mind.

NLP Practitioner - Abhay Thhakkar facilitating NLP Practitioner course in Mumbai, India
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Who benefits from NLP courses?

Every person from every walk of life benefits from my NLP and New Code NLP Courses. This is because what I teach during the trainings are Life Skills.
Further, each person deserves to live life to the highest potential. Hence, learning NLP and New Code NLP enables you to access your life of highest potential with regular practice of methods taught during the NLP Training Courses.

Many NLP Coaches
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Who has benefitted from NLP Trainings?

Some of the below-mentioned professionals have benefited from my New Code NLP and NLP Trainings:

• Healthcare Professionals: Doctors, Psychologists, Life Coaches, NLP Coaches, NLP Trainers, Nutritionists.

• Professionals from Corporates: COO, CEO, Entrepreneurs, Sales and Marketing Executives, HR professionals.

• Professional from Educational Institutions: Principals, Teachers and Students.

• Professional Performers: Professional Dancers, Actors and Actress.

• Professional Athletes and Coaches: Cricket players, Badminton players, Sports Coaches.

• Media: Social Media Strategists, Digital Marketing Executives, Website Designers and Developers, Voice Over Artist.

Abhay Thakkar , NLP Corporate Trainer, facilitating NLP Corporate Training in Mumbai, India
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