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• An outline of what you can expect from the 2 days NLP course - 'NLP Core Skills Training'.

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Brief Overview of
NLP Core Skills Training

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What can you expect by the end of 2 days?

You will learn Life Skills for becoming a better communicator and thereby enhancing your relationships with each person you come across in your life.
The skills you that you will learn, can be applied when you are communicating with your family members, friends and each person in your professional sphere.
Morevover, it will enhance your relationship with yourself.

"Communication is to relationships what breath is to life" - Virginia Satir

NLP Core Skills -
Course Contents:

> Learn to communicate subtly to a person’s unconscious mind and thereby get a state of high responsiveness from another person and also build relationships quickly.
Since we are always communicating(either verbally or non-verbally) with others it’s vital to know how we can communicate effectively what we communicate. 

> You will learn to identify our and others preferred modalities through which we receive and process information thereby enhancing our understanding of ourselves and others at a deeper level.

> Miscommunication is often the reason for relationship problems.
You will learn to elicit precise information from another person which ensures that there is less miscommunication and more harmony in a relationship.

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> You will learn to assist people to let go of traumas and deep emotional issues even without them sharing what trauma they had undergone.
(The pattern/NLP technique taught has been successfully used on victims of Tsunami in Japan and several extreme cases of abuse).

> You will learn to give constructive feedbacks and suggestions to others in a way by which another person will not take it personally, thereby enabling the person to grow as a result of your constructive feedback and further maintain a respectful relationship.

> You will learn about the language frames and reframing words by which you can change and influence others.
It’s not only what you say…it’s also about how you say, what you say.

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> Calibration

"Calibration is the mother of all NLP skills"
- John Grinder (co-creator of NLP and New Code NLP)

Gain awareness of detecting changes at a micro muscular level that will allow you to gather precise information about the person and the states/state changes in a person.
Further, you will also become more aware of the world around you.

(A lot of NLP patterns(NLP techniques and tools) that you will learn during NLP courses, will be content-free contexts i.e the person need not share what the context- issue/problem/trauma is and you would still bring about changes in them as an NLP coach)

> We have all the resources within. Often, we may spend energy focusing on our weaknesses, and lose out on focusing on our strengths which are the core of our being.
You will learn to tap into those resources which will enable you to be much more empowered.

You can always do much more than what you think you can do. Hence, tapping into the inner resources are the key to go beyond conscious limitations.

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